Las Pistolas de Sentencia

The Pistols of Judgment

weapon (ranged)

A pair of Remington New Army cap & ball revolvers.

The Pistol of God is nickel plated with ebony grips; it is covered in gold filled engraving with Dios engraved on the cylinder over each round.

The Devil’s Pistol is blued so dark as to be almost black with ivory grips; also covered in gold engraving with Diablo on the cylinder.

About the picture: Yes, the pistol is not a Remington it’s a Colt but I use it as an example of the artistry of the pistols as I could not find a Remington New Army that close to my idea of the pistols.

The pistols were created by a gunsmith after he saw them in a vision. The vision came from a delusion caused by a brain turned to Swiss cheese by syphilis, he became a bandito and was chased down by a squad of soldiers from the Mexican army and told them of the pistols “holy” mission after being shot 9 times (later died). The soldiers believed him due to his conviction and calmly talking to the soldiers while ignoring his wounds.
The soldiers went rogue and became banditos themselves. They now raid the Cauldron and put any non-Mexicans to the judgment of the pistols.
The pistols are not supernatural in any way, the gunsmith was bat poo crazy when he built and engraved them and misaligned several parts causing them to malfunction quite often, sometimes simultaneously.


Known only to those who wield them.

Las Pistolas de Sentencia

Las Pistolas de Sentencia Killbeggar