Miss Mabel



Proprietor: Miss Mable’s Baked Goods & Eatery

Baker: hp 21; Speed 5, Accuracy -1; Str 11/40, Int
9/52, Wis 10/16, Dex 14/72, Con 9/31, Lks 9/86, Cha
10/51; Rep 36, Fame 0; Quirks lazy; Flaws none; Skills
cooking 14%, reading comprehension/penmanship
88%, mathematics 87%, riding 51%, salesmanship
63%; Talents guardian angel; Gunfights 0; $2.30;
Firearms none.

Rather frumpish and vacuous Miss Mabel owns the town bakery. Her baked goods are above average and she supplies Bisbee with his baked goods and pies.
The eatery in the name is kind of a misnomer as the only things she sells are baked goods and soup on Sundays for those getting out of church. There are no tables.


No one knows Miss Mabel’s surname and she won’t reveal it to anyone insisting “Miss Mabel is good enough.”

Miss Mabel

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