Liam Shaughnessy

Owner of the Pig & Whistle Pub


Proprietor: The Pig and Whistle Pub & Casino

Saloon Owner: hp 23; Speed 8, Accuracy -1; Str
13/18, Int 10/50, Wis 9/03, Dex 9/33, Con 12/24,
Lks 9/67, Cha 10/40; Rep 42, Fame 6; Quirks intrusive;
Flaws none; Skills accounting 65%, current affairs
68%, glean information 40%, mathematics 53%, reading
comprehension/penmanship 78%, riding 75%;
Talents hold your liquor, reputation bonus; Gunfights
1; $25; Firearms Knuckleduster.

A native of Ireland, Liam’s boyish good looks make him look younger than his 27 years would indicate. He has the typical red hair and fair skin the Irish are known for. He dresses well but casually.


An Irish immigrant, Liam came to the US to seek his fortune.
Liam is a religious fellow and and closes the Pig & Whistle on Sundays. On any other night the bar is filled to capacity and all the gambling tables are full. The house is honest and the drinks reasonably priced and only mildly watered down. Food is available but is ordered from Bisbee’s Restaurant and delivered at about double the normal price.

Liam Shaughnessy

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