Constance LaRue

Soiled dove & Madame


Proprietor: Desert Rose Hotel/Bathouse
hp 24; Speed 3, Accuracy 2; Str 9/08, Int 15/59, Wis 10/79, Dex 14/53, Con 13/69, Lks 13/84, Cha 13/48; Rep 14, Fame 3;
Quirks paranoid; Flaws none;
Skills accounting 57%, current affairs 22%, glean information 20%, idle gossip 39%, mathematics 73%, pick pocket 69%, reading comprehension/penmanship 49%, riding 55%, seduction (art of) 0%, sleight of hand 38%, slick talker 51%;
Talents resist disease/infection;
Gunfights 1; $6; Firearms Knuckleduster.

Constance is 32 and a blond who is just starting to go grey. She has lost the blush of youth but is still considered pretty. Constance dresses well in extravagant imported dresses.


Constance runs the town’s house of ill repute. Constance says she’s from Paris but actually hails from New Orleans and does not speak more than a few words of French (mostly dirty, and her accent would make a true Frenchman cry). However her customers generally aren’t interested in conversation. She runs her business with an iron hand and has about 10 girls as “entertainers”. Her hotel has 10 rooms, a small casino and a large stage where her girls dance before getting down to other business later in the evening.
She is also known for shooting a rowdy cowhand dead a couple years back.

Constance LaRue

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