Sheriff Robert Greenpenny

Black Horse Town Sheriff


Sheriff ’s Office/Jail

Sheriff: hp 26; Speed 2, Accuracy 4; Str 10/14, Int
10/90, Wis 9/11, Dex 14/65, Con 10/09, Lks 10/16,
Cha 12/53; Rep 51, Fame 5; Quirks obnoxious; Flaws
none; Skills diplomacy 70%, observation 54%, reading
comprehension/penmanship 77%, recruiting 51%, riding
46%, slick talker 87%; Talents fast healer, hit point
bonus, hold your liquor, veteran gunfighter; Gunfights
6; $3; Firearms Colt 1877 Lightning (.41).


Robert has been the sheriff of Black Horse for some six years after moving there from Florida. He finds the job rather boring now that the gold has stopped flowing. But he reckons boring is usually better than exciting in his profession.

Sheriff Robert Greenpenny

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