Reverend Leviticus Hauke

A man of God.


Pastor: Covenant Presbyterian Church

Preacher: hp 21; Speed 10, Accuracy -2; Str 6/65,
Int 12/48, Wis 9/40, Dex 9/22, Con 10/12, Lks
10/59, Cha 11/89; Rep 33, Fame 1; Quirks boiled
shirt, claustrophobic; Flaws none; Skills diplomacy
74%, observation 64%, oration 7%, reading comprehension/
penmanship 54%, religion 53%; Talents perceive
tendency; Gunfights 0; $2; Firearms none.

The new pastor in town, Leviticus is rather new to the gig. Recently receiving his Master’s in Divinity from Princeton he moved to Black Horse to begin spreading the word.
Unfortunately, the good Reverend is not the best public speaker and his sermons have tended to be rather inconsistent in both volume and quality.



Reverend Leviticus Hauke

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