Octavius Heginbotham

Lewis & Poole Manager


Manager: Lewis & Poole Mining Company
Spouse of: Emeline Heginbotham
Hailing from New York, Octavius is a well educated and well spoken man.

Investor: hp 20; Speed 9, Accuracy -1; Str 9/69, Int
13/82, Wis 11/23, Dex 9/62, Con 8/23, Lks 10/04,
Cha 12/72; Rep 13, Fame 2; Quirks Dude;
Flaws none; Skills accounting 83%, appraisal (choose
one) 70%, current affairs 50%, fast talking 72%, mathematics
69%, oration 73%, reading comprehension/
penmanship 68%, resist persuasion 73%, riding
56%, slick talker 59%; Talents Reputation bonus;
Gunfights 0; $34; Firearms none.


Octavius is a graduate of New york University and was born of free parents that emigrated from Britain.
As a man of color he has had his share of difficulties but his education and erudition has served him well. He has become the first black man to rise to an important position in the Lewis & Poole Mining Company.

Octavius Heginbotham

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