Nasario Berrera

Livery Stable


Proprietor: Negro Bayo Livery
A 40ish year old Mexican who runs the town’s livery stable with his 15 year old son Ignacio.

Livery Stable Owner: hp 23; Speed 8, Accuracy -
2; Str 10/22, Int 11/62, Wis 10/91, Dex 10/64, Con
12/88, Lks 9/60, Cha 8/11; Rep 30, Fame 0; Quirks
none; Flaws hard of hearing; Skills administration
80%, animal empathy 76%, animal lore 68%, appraisal
(animals) 71%, bronc busting 81%, carpentry 46%,
driving, stagecoach/wagon 42%, fire-building/
extinguishing 34%, gambling 62%, mathematics
85%, reading comprehension/penmanship 73%, resist
persuasion 76%, riding 30%, rope use 52%; Talents
tough as nails; Gunfights 0; $6; Firearms none.
Sample Description: This fellow loves horses, and I
haven’t heard anything bad said about him. Of course,
neither has he. Speak up when you’re talking to him, or
he might not hear a word you say


Nasario is the second longest continuous resident of Black Horse after Jake Peters.

Nasario Berrera

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