Martin Mussellman

The Banker


One look at Martin will tell you he’s the town banker. He is rotund, paternal, and looks affluent. He is balding and squints when reading. His looks are average and greets his regular customers by name.

hp 20; Speed 12, Accuracy 1; Str 11/69, Int
13/33, Wis 12/09, Dex 3/43, Con 8/47, Lks 9/43, Cha
9/58; Rep 46, Fame 1; Quirks none;
Flaws none; Skills accounting 22%, mathematics 29%,
reading comprehension/penmanship 47%; Talents
courage, fast healer; Gunfights 0; $12; Firearms none.


Martin may be the most honestly corrupt man in the town. He has a strict no questions asked policy about depositing money in his bank. Beyond this he is an honest person at heart and does not cheat anyone.

Martin Mussellman

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