Lucius Curran

Master Saddler and Leatherworker


Proprietor: Curran’s Booter & Leather Works

Saddler: hp 24; Speed 11, Accuracy -3; Str 7/59, Int
11/01, Wis 9/54, Dex 7/57, Con 9/77, Lks 11/34,
Cha 10/15; Rep 34, Fame 1; Quirks flannel mouth;
Flaws none; Skills accounting 82%, leatherworking
18%, mathematics 67%, reading comprehension/
penmanship 67%, riding 76%, salesmanship 55%,
skinning/tanning 55%; Talents hit point bonus;
Gunfights 0; $8; Firearms none.

A black man nearing his 50th year.


A former slave from Virginia, Lucius was taught to be a leather worker by his former master. He has been practicing his craft for nearly 30 years.
Lucius settled in Black Horse after being unable to find work in Lazarus or Muskeegie due to his skin color. Here he has found a certain degree of acceptance and respect (ofttimes grudging) for his skills.

Lucius Curran

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