Jürgen Lindfoors



Proprietor: The Crooked Horseshoe Smithy
A big handsome swede with a big beard Jürgen is pretty stereotypical. He doesn’t speak much English and most of what he knows deals with Blacksmithing terms. His oldest son, Albert, does most of the negotiating with the customers.
He is usually covered in dirt and soot and smells like iron. On Sundays he cleans up nicely to attend church.

Blacksmith: hp 22; Speed 8, Accuracy -1; Str 12/08,
Int 9/29, Wis 7/03, Dex 12/70, Con 11/69, Lks 11/52,
Cha 18/60; Rep 28, Fame 1; Quirks abstinent (alcohol),
touchy; Flaws colorblind; Skills accounting 72%, animal
empathy 60%, blacksmithing/metalworking 40%,
intimidation 36%, mathematics 69%, reading comprehension/
penmanship 86%, riding 55%, salesmanship
74%; Talents tough as nails; Gunfights 0; $3; Firearms


As the town Blacksmith Jürgen is unremarkable except for his family. Jürgen has been married eight years and has ten children: Two pairs of male twins, four girls and two non-twin boys. Needless to say, Jürgen tends to spend most of his time at work.

Jürgen Lindfoors

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