"Tuscaloosa" Joe Abrams

Shopkeep of the General Store


Proprietor: Grummun’s General Store

Joe looks every bit the average storekeeper with the exception of the Colt Navy strapped to his hip.
He is friendly and affable to his customers and gives the children a free piece of penny candy when they come in with their parents to buy supplies.


A retired outlaw, Tuscaloosa Joe won Grummun’s General Store in a card game at the Pig & Whistle. He figured it was a sign from God to settle down and become respectable and he’s taken to business like an otter to water. The store is one of two in town but is the most successful. In a rare fit of guilt Joe has staked Elliot Grummun, the former owner, in starting the town’s new tack and hardware store. Joe is now Grummun’s friend and silent partner and steers him away from the gambling tables. As for the nickname “Tuscaloosa” Joe has no idea where it came from, he is from Delaware.
He is still a crack shot and woe betide anyone who decides to cause trouble in his store.

"Tuscaloosa" Joe Abrams

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