Deputy Calvin Treadwell

Deputy Sheriff


Sheriff ’s Office/Jail

hp 22; Speed 4, Accuracy 4; Str 10/59, Int 11/01, Wis 11/84, Dex 12/17, Con 10/40, Lks 14/72,
Cha 11/11; Rep 53, Fame 1;
Quirks Racist; Flaws none;
Skills current affairs 75%, gambling 75%, graceful entrance/exit 75%, reading comprehension/penmanship 72%, recruiting 48%, riding 48%, searching 74%;
Talents deadly shot, veteran gunfighter;
Gunfights 2; $8; Firearms Colt Bisley (.45).



Calvin is a Confederate veteran of the war between the states. He fought for Florida and when the war ended he drifted west and kept money in his poicket as a hired gun. This is his first job in law enforcement.

Deputy Calvin Treadwell

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