Alvin Sackett

Dry Goods Merchant


Proprietor: Sackett’s Dry Goods

hp 30; Speed 8, Accuracy -1; Str 12/41, Int 13/42, Wis 10/01, Dex 10/75, Con 15/17, Lks 9/44, Cha 8/86; Rep 30, Fame 0;
Quirks Hardcase; Flaws low pain toleration;
Skills accounting 30%, calligraphy/signmaking 85%, carpentry 69%, current affairs 71%, gaming 75%, mathematics 48%, reading comprehension/penmanship 68%, resist persuasion 8%, riding 76%, salesmanship 31%; Talents forgettable face; Gunfights 0; $7.75; Firearms shotgun.

Alvin is an unpleasant man. He sells goods that the other stores don’t sell and prices them accordingly (150% of book for common items, higher for fancy).
There is no credit in his store, if you can’t pay immediately you are wasting his time. He will, grudgingly, accept trade items if he has a use or need for them and can twist the terms into his favor.

Quirks: Greedy, Hardcase



Alvin Sackett

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